Discovery of the harvest at the Hôtel de la Villeon

Taste the wine differently

Harvesting is often seen as a summer job to be done when you are young or when you work as a seasonal worker, especially in agriculture. The harvest has the reputation of being festive. But more and more castles and wineries are presenting the harvest not as a summer job, but as an oenological experience to be shared in a relaxed atmosphere. Gathering the grapes but also discovering the winemaking process, tools and know-how, this is a much more substantial program that is being set up in the world of wine tourism. Discovering the wines of the Rhône Valley through your stay at Hôtel de la Villeon is an experience not to be missed. It will take you through the magnificent landscapes of the Rhone Valley.

4-star oenology at the Villeon

Hôtel de la Villeon is the ideal place to discover the Ardèche and Drôme grape harvests. The establishment is located in the commune of Tournon sur Rhône and will put all this beautiful region within your reach. Our hotel proudly displays its 4 stars thanks first of all to our magnificent 18th century building, completely restored and magnificently decorated in a style that combines elegance and luxury. The equipment of the rooms is of course in line with the hotel's classification. You will find wifi, large high-end bedding, a large marble bathroom, cable TV and many other details. But it is above all the charm of the different rooms that you will remember. The attic room, under the roofs and overlooking the hotel's terrace garden, the romantic room and all the others, they have their style, their personality and all tend towards excellence. Your stay in Villeon is an opportunity to come and participate in the harvest and discover the work of the winegrowers. You can also take part in tastings in the magnificent cellar of this luxury hotel, or simply take the time to rest at Gabriel, the hotel's bar named after the birth of Gabriel Fauré within the hotel's walls.