The Hotel


The Hôtel

Located in Ardèche, between Lyon and Valence, the Hotel de la Villeon is a special kind of place nestling with the street on one side and spectacular exterior vistas on the other, set among historical flagstones and centennial yews. It stems from a bold vision and the need to share a passion, namely that of fine hotel hospitality in the heart of a landscape devoted to wine tourism, a place where you will choose to stopover if you are seeking something real, if you have a craving for Nature and authenticity.

The starting premise was clear: to fall under the charm of a place rooted in a setting drawn up by the beautiful Rhone Valley vineyards…


...and then to enlist the help of passionate craftsmen who could transform the venue in accordance with standard practise and with tradition, so as to turn it into the first prestige hotel to settle in Tournon country.


It took almost two years to do it.

In the end the magic really works, as the residence enfolds and casts its spell on visitors, who are instantly amazed.

This splendid residence located in the heart of Ardèche features the following:

In this charming hotel, History gently touches the soul, welcoming all and sundry, making every use of the space: noble materials and decorations (some of which are listed as Historical Monuments) instantly conjure up elegance and refinement… floorboards, mouldings, fireplaces, floor tiles, a stone staircase, a cast-iron bannister, a solid walnut entrance door, all these combine in delighting guests who are fond of beauty and gentleness.

A listed Historical Monument since 1927, the main entrance door is made of period 17th-century solid walnut wood. The doorknocker represents a grotesque mask. More than just an imprint, the door has become a symbol for the hotel, as a powerful link between yesteryear and the now.

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