Tournon, la révélation



Tournon, la révélation


Whether one comes in from the road or from the river, one succumbs to the appeal of the magnificent landscape of Tournon and its setting. Like neighbouring Tain l'Hermitage, Tournon actually nestles at the heart of highly renowned vineyards of the Drôme-Ardèche territory including, among the best known vintages, l'Hermitage on the Rhône’s left bank, and Saint-Joseph on the right bank, both possessing Tournon’s typical features.

Tournon is a town stamped by History: a medieval town centre, a Château-Museum where high-quality exhibitions are held year 

round (including the small restored chapel featuring the precious 16th-century triptych by Jean Capassin, a disciple of Raphael), the Marc Seguin bridge (the world’s first wooden footbridge to be built with metal wire cables), the Gabriel Faure Lycée founded in 1536 by Cardinal François de Tournon (who was advisor to King Francis 1st for 30 years), with its 17thcentury Flanders and d' Aubusson tapestries and its Jesuit chapel, the town’s third treasure.


Jazz or classical, Tournon is also a town where there is a lot going on. 

On top of the standard summer events like the late July funfair, the giant 500-year-old Onion Fair on August 29th and many other summertime happenings, including the VoChora Festival (vocal and polyphonic arts) in July/early August, the Shakespeare Festival in July and the National Comedy Festival in August, the town also features concerts and theatre during the off season. Located one hour form Lyon and 15 minutes from Valence, Tournon-sur-Rhône offers a charming and cosy setting for an unforgettable stay in Ardèche.

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